Our talented staff and extraordinary creative group, led by Phyllis Jablonowski, CSEP, are savvy design and production artists who go into each event with fresh eyes. We are all about creating that unique guest experience. From weddings to corporate meetings and events, our highest goal is to understand your needs and exceed expectations.



Phyllis Jablonowski, CSEP, Owner and CEO of Eventricity, LLC possesses over 30 years of industry expertise. Many call her the ‘Queen Bee’ or 'Top Mum’, whichever way they call her she is recognized by clients and industry professionals as solver of all problems. With her warm and welcoming personality, she has the ability to make everyone feel at ease. She is a giver and caretaker by natural spirit and is constantly radiating her philanthropic characteristics through her personal and professional life.   She is noted for being well informed and well connected. Her get-it-done attitude has her always on the go preserving and building relationships and facilitating the impossible or incomprehensible into a reality.  She enjoys bringing families together to celebrate momentous occasions and specializes in creating new and unique experiences.

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